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Inner West and the Happening!

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The inner western suburbs – this is a brilliant area, good for the uni student, the professor, the lecturers or corporate resident that enjoys  the hustle and bustle of the Newtown , the Glebe  Camperdown , Redfern and Waterloo areas.. Glebe has a great market every Saturday and is for all with face painting, clothes, food […]

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Gardening when you Go Away

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Are you Renting out your house and what happens to the garden – will they water it. Think about your plants, do you have a watering system, is this sufficient for your plants and your lawns.  If you do not have one, it may be a good idea, to look into this as you are not […]

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Chatswood cultural happenings.

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Cultural things in Chatswood. Do you know that since rebuilding the council area the library etc, the Chatswood cultural   centre has become a meeting place. This is the meaning of Chatswood, the Concourse where this has been built is the happening place for the cultural meetings, the cultural entertainment and the meeting of people. Chatswood […]

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Inner Western Suburbs

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Camperdown This is an inner city suburb.  Close to the University of Sydney, close to the city, with transport It is also close to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital The name Camperdown came from the Battle of Camperdown (Camperduin in Dutch)  This suburb was named by Governor William Bligh who received a grant of 240 acres […]

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I am going on holiday yippee     Wow that was easy I looked into holiday leasing my house out  for the Christmas holidays  it was a cloudy rainy cold miserable day and I was looking through a magazine at the hairdressers and stopped at an add for one of the islands blue Sky, blue sea, […]


Make a holiday in Kirribilli October to November

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Make a holiday in Kirribilli October to November – this is the period that the Jacaranda Trees are in flower. McDougall Street in Kirribilli is an ideal place to see these flowering beauties. Tourists come from all over to take photographs of this street with the intertwining trees – see above. The street is magnificent at […]

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Where Oh Where Shall I Live ??

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WHERE OH WHERE SHALL I LIVE ??????? Eastern suburbs is an excellent area of which many corporate clients wish to dwell.  This area lends itself to the short term and also the longer term corporate client. It is easy access to the city with transport of bus train in parts and ferry from certain areas. The […]

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