I am going on holiday yippee



Wow that was easy I looked into holiday leasing my house out  for the Christmas holidays  it was a cloudy rainy cold miserable day and I was looking through a magazine at the hairdressers and stopped at an add for one of the islands blue Sky, blue sea, with people playing in the water they were having fun.


I know I can hear you all saying posed models plastic smiles and the sun was probably fake.


Too bad it hit my spot it was a miserably cold wet  day and I was having my hair done not good when it was raining probably look like a drowned rat when I get home. All for nothing


The people next door had rented their house out last year with an agency and that went well they received money for it and it paid them back for their great holiday


I thought at the time what a great idea and a good way to earn money for the holiday


I decided to talk to them in depth about it when I reached home


They said that they looked into renting out their house earlier in the year and had someone around to give them an idea of what they could get for the property


It was a way to have a holiday.Hhave someone in the property while they were away as security. Look after the garden even though they had a watering system and for them to enjoy a holiday as a family


The company came around and gave them an idea of what they could expect it would pay for their holiday so decided to take a chance and rent their property out


The agency was good they gave  a quote achieved a booking for the required length of time and the guests were brilliant


The agency met the guests on arrival at the property and showed them around the property making them feel welcome and informed about the property.


I rang the agency and made an appointment for them to come and view my place with the view they may think the property is appropriate for their website to achieve a booking so that we can go on holiday as well and the guests have a holiday in my place


So excited they said yes they would take the property on as long as the maintenance to the property is done and that the photographer takes some great shots


So a mad panic to get everything done – you live in a place, but you never achieve all the jobs that need to be done, this makes you move


Painting has to be fresh grouting has to be clean floors clean and worn carpet replaced cobwebs gone garden clean weeded pruned and neat and tidy clothes packed away cupboards cleaned out toys packed away books with no names can be left music eg cd’s  can be left Internet on and unlimited so that the guests can tune into Netflix.  If the property is  cluttered remove some of the furniture so that guests can move around easily


No rubbish left on premise whew this is going to be a massive clear out


Could be good to clear out have been thinking about it but like everyone unless forced to do it gets put in the too hard basket to be done later which will not happen oh well here goes


We are off we have guests coming to stay for the whole period we are away  Wow I did not expect this the holiday is paid for and we are packed waiting for the taxi to arrive

, but oh so worth it. The house has had the maintenance done the house is clean. The cleaners have just departed  all the items that needed to be thrown out have been. We have decluttered,we have removed items thrown things out and generally cleansed the house.

How therapeutic


We have been on the best family holiday. Playing in the surf and sun, enjoying life we all have suntans and look healthy with no stress.  It has been great.

Now home, wow the house is clean and sparkling bright the cleaners have been in after the guests everything has been done.  The garden looks great with the watering system we put in and none of the plants have died or looked bedraggled.  The house is amazing, all we have to do is unpack wash make the beds and go shopping,  the money is in our account and we have been paid for our holiday.



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