7 nights


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With the cold weather approaching why not pick up a bargain and lease a fabulous property. Be it for 7 nights to a year we have it all at Awaba Properties & Homes on the Move. Just email us to find out what is available in the eastern suburbs, Lower North Shore and the CBD


Executive Rentals

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Executive Rentals in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs are the way of the future with all properties being unique and providing a cheaper alternative to hotels. In this ecomonic climate everyone is looking to save money so why not book a property today for 7 nights, a month or longer we have something to suit most […]

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Fully Furnished Accommodation

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Due to the recent economic crisis we are finding that companies are choosing to use fully furnished accommodation for their corporate clients instead of using hotels as they have found that fully furnished accommoadtion is the cheaper alternative to a hotel. Why not follw the corporate sector and rent a fully furnished property for your next […]

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