Investor Tip 3 – Amenities

Investor Tip 3 – Amenities

When looking to purchase an investment property to list as a fully furnished rental, there are many things to consider the Amenities is one such feature.

The main competitor is a hotel and they are not designed to provide a home-like experience which a private rental does. Because of this they often feature luxury amenities such as  a swimming pool, Sauna, Tennis Court, Spa, Steam room, on-site spas and gyms to enhance the luxurious feel of their facilities and provide a more holiday-like experience to their guests.

Furnished apartments can offer many of these same features, whilst also getting an entire property complete with kitchen and space so you can get the most out of your trip whilst in a home-like atmosphere. Swimming Pools, courtyards, patios and balconies offer the perfect area for relaxation after a busy day of work, school or sightseeing. On site gyms can also be a feature as the tenants can not only remain on their fitness schedule whilst travelling, but even the novice can try it out.

Not all properties have these amenities, but they are added features for the property and not only increase the rental rate they also increase the popularity of the property.

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