Furnished Apartments Sydney

Furnished Apartments Sydney

Why is there a trend for people to stay in a furnished apartment, or a short term apartment Sydney, over the more traditional hotel stay for both their holiday’s, business and temporary accommodation.

There‘s a kitchen! As the short term rental apartment is an entire apartment and not a square box of air, it has the same facilities as your own home. The kitchen is one of the most appreciated services, as it lets guests cook lunches and dinners instead of having to eat in a restaurant for every single meal. Besides saving money, this option is very useful when traveling with kids, as you can ensure they will eat what you prepare, and therefore, they won’t have big problems with an unknown gastronomy or ingredients that are not familiar for them.

If you are a large family or a big group of friends it is near impossible for all of you to be able to stay in the same hotel room,invariably you are placed in different rooms and on different floors and sometimes in different wings of the hotel, but with a short term rental, short term apartment or a short stay apartment there is no need to split up the group, instead you can find suitable accommodation to house you all in the same location. By renting a holiday apartment, you are bale to enjoy the increased privacy and comfort, whilst allowing the group to eat together, and relax together under the same roof, just if they were staying in their own home.

There are no schedules!!! Imagine working late into the night or our with friends and wanting to sleep in the following day, in a hotel there is a set time for breakfast, and if you miss it you will have to look elsewhere for breakfast. In a furnished apartment there is no need for schedules and it is up to you to arrange your own breakfast so it gives you more freedom to plan your days to what you want to do.

The last reason why furnished apartments in Sydney are so popular is the added privacy. there is nothing worse then walking into the lobby of a hotel and the guest relations manager in their loud voice is telling everyone what you are going to get up to that day. Many people prefer the anonymity you get with a furnished apartment in Sydney. There is the personal customer service you receive from the property manager when you arrive and when you depart and they are able to help you along the way for any additional support.
Short Term Apartments in sydney are the go too choice for many travellers, be it from interstate, or overseas, for pleasure or for business the list is endless. The added inclusions like free wifi and the space also add to the appeal of short stay apartments and we are finding here in sydney that they will soon over take the hotel industry as the number one choice for accommodation when visiting our fine city

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