Chatswood, and why we liked it.

Chatswood, and why we liked it.

What to do in  Chatswood.

Hi we were stationed for 6 months in Chatswood.  Not knowing this area, I then had to find out what the area was famous for, and how it came about.

We came from Western Australia and had not really heard of Chatswood, but found out that we were being transferred there.  My husband wanted a property relatively close to where he worked, so that he did not spend hours in the traffic trying to get either to work or home from work.

We had to put the kids in school see we were there for 6 months I did think about home schooling them, but decided not to, it was better to have 6 months in another school where they could make friends and have play mates.

I bet a lot of people that live in and around Chatswood did not know that it was held by the Cammeraygal and the Wallumedegal Aboriginal people.   And it has always been known as a gathering place or important meeting place.

This is what Chatswood is now, with the residential and the shopping the  business areas, all working together in this great place.

The shopping in Chatswood is amazing, with two huge complexes, people are always mingling there and it is easy to chat with anyone as they are always easy to talk to.

I thought the place was brilliant and evern though the shopping area, is busy and bustling always thought that the areas around the shopping was quiet residential. What do you think.

There is a history to the place which is good and thought they do not ram it down your throat it is there, there is a great library and a Museum in Willougby which is the neighbouring suburb.  This museum deals with the history of the area, and the rich industrial heritgage and also the history of the people that have shaped the area.

With the aboriginal names for the area, it is certainly meaningful  the Concourse is the meeting point of Chatswood and it means “an act or process of coming together and an open space where paths meet and crowds gather.”  This is so appropriate for Chatswood.

From the aboriginal people to the timber and farming, then to the residential area, to the shopping complexes this area, has certainly lived up to the meaning that the aboriginal people gave the area in the beginning.

I enjoyed Chatswood and wondered if you also thought this a great place to live and to travel to.

Not far from the city, but just far enough out.  Can reach the city by train, bus etc.

There are great cinemas in the area, good Chinese section to the area, so good Chinese restaurants.

The kids enjoyed their time in school here and made lots of friends, both Australian and other nationalities.  They loved it like we did.

It was certainly good fun going from small suburb in  Perth to Chatswood, very different and compared to us it was very fast, but it does not take long to adjust and there is always something happening and fun to do, and fun to watch – we hope you enjoy Chatswood as well, and come to enjoy it like we did ?

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