Cultural things in Chatswood.


Do you know that since rebuilding the council area the library etc, the Chatswood cultural centre has become a meeting place.

Chatswood, the Concourse. library, council and seating area  in the middle of the busy shopping area, has been built in a very significant place.  Chatswood’s meaning to the Aboriginal people, the Cammeraygal Tribe, meet on the land and therefore the Concourse of Chatswood is where they met –

The whole place has been designed for the enjoyment of the area, as a meeting place.

Restaurants and cafes are in abundance with various styles of menus.

The recitals have comedy, lunch time recitals, and entertainers performing encouraging people to enjoy the area.

The complex houses the Library.  – It is part of the North Sydney Mosman etc libraries, so if the book is not in this library they can get it for you with the exchange programme they run.  Do you know that the Chatswood library has 5000 square metres of books,  reference material,  resources, and entertainment information this is amazing. Great for the student and the researcher, or just the borrower of books.

The area outside the complex where you can sit on the lawn and meet or eat lunch or catch up with friends while your children run around is ideal for families


There is an outdoor Urban screen which is programmed for live sporting events, eg the Rugby World Cup, news and national events and live broadcasts that have been sold out and more people would like to view the programme.  The screen can also show digital art and open air cinema, ideal in the summer holiday periods.

The whole complex is brilliant and exactly what this area of Sydney required.  It is close to the city and close for the nearby suburbs, and the locals of Chatswood. This area increases the locals using what is around their suburb and getting people to mix and meet people of like minded interests and within their area or beyond.

Chatswood also has 2 major shopping complexes with a myriad of shops – transport is excellent to this area – There is a lot to do and see around the area.  Great place to live.

Many corporate companies have their offices in Chatswood  so plenty of employment.

Plenty of sport and schools within the area.



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