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Beaches are the perfect free activity in Sydney with Children and Sydney is blessed with a few Harbour Beaches which are perfect with children.

Well not sure where Autumn has gone, but loving the heat wave we are having here in Sydney.Today is meant to be 24 degrees, with 27 degrees out in the Western Suburbs, and what better day then to start the week off then with a trip to the Beach, as the water is still warm enough.

The beach is a great place to spend with children as it is not only a free activity, but you also have other children there who the kids can play with and if you have a group of you the adults get to relax as well.

There are many favourite beaches in Sydney and each person you speak to will have there pick, but here are a few which are great for children as they are not surf beaches.

In the Eastern Suburbs the best beaches are Nielson Park in Vaucluse. It has fabulous views over the Harbour as it faces the City and is protected from the Ocean and the weather. Many an afternoon we have been there and watched the weather circle the CBD. You feel as if you are on a staycation as you are looking at the city, but not part of it.
There are picnic areas which are shaded and there is always the Nielson Park Cafe if you forget anything.

Nielson Park

Nielson Park

Balmoral beach is another favourite especially with children. It is also a harbour beach so very rare for the big waves to come, but it does happen once in a blue moon when there is a big storm.
Balmoral is located in Mosman and is a firm favourite with both the locals and tourists alike. With a strip of cafes and heaps of parking it is probably more accessible then Nielson Park.

the Bathers Pavillion is one of the most famous restaurants in Sydney with the fabulous views and great food making it a high contender for many weddings. The Boathouse Balmoral Beach is another favourite and the Public Dining Room
Seperated into 2 beaches Edwards beach and Balmoral Beach by the Island. There are many rock pools, a netted area for safe swimming, baths and an area of the beach for the sea scouts, pleasure crafts and boats to launch.
Picnic areas and a childrens playground are located at one end of the beach, making it a must for the school holidays.

Where is your favourite Harbour Beach?

Balmoral Beach

Balmoral Beach

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