Free activities in Sydney with kids

Free activities in Sydney with kids

Sydney Harbour Bridge walk and the Rocks
Being the first weekend of the school holidays here in Sydney, and with the recent heat wave we have been enjoying, what better time then to think of free activities for the family to do outside.
First port of call was to get to Kirribilli for a day out in the sunshine and no electronics.
We walked past the little boutique shops in what is called Kirribilli then on to the steps to the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Bridge runs directly North South.

When you drive over the bridge which many hundreds of thousands of people do each day, you actually don’t realise how long the bridge is (it is almost a Kilometre) and the height of it above the water, it is only when walking over that I realised how long a walk it is and the sheer height of the bridge.


Harbour Bridge

Sydney harbour bridge

Many a tourist is drawn to the bridge and why wouldn’t you be, with its imposing structure and the fabulous views it is truly a man made wonder of the world. you can climb the span of the bridge or even the pylon, but as this was a payment free day with the family we didn’t do any of that, but did watch as all the tourists suffering from vertigo climbed the bridge and the weary tourists from climbing the pylon. With the Sydney Harbour Bridge a main cross over for the harbour there are cars, trains, bicycles, trucks and buses which cross the bridge, it even moves when there is something heavy travelling over it, as well as many a tourist or local for a stroll. I think i became an expert in taking photos for people as I seemed to be the go to choice as photographer, but it was a lovely walk.
At the end of the bridge we climbed down the steps to the rocks and to soak in the history of the First Fleet, Convicts and Sydney’s rich history. With most of the buildings being preserved we are still able to enjoy what it would have been like over 200 years ago when this area thrived.

the rocks sydney

the rocks

Once the walk around the rocks was complete we went back over the bridge and back home.


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