This can be pleasurable, or a nightmare depending on how you look at it.

Children like adults need to be entertained and kept busy.  Adults travelling need their tablets, books, drinks and food – does that sound familiar? What do children require tablets, drinks and food.

Organise their viewing on their tablets, games, stories, movies to watch – they will get bored, but at least this will help.  The tablet will store lots of stories, games and movies, you just have to keep it charged so that it does not run out of power, a commotion will happen if the power goes out.

Children also require something to keep their fingers busy and their legs still so that they do not kick the person in front of them in the back of the seat all the time.  You are in a confined place either a plane, train, bus or car.   Children do have to learn to control their urges, but find it difficult when they are bored and want to get up and move around.

Sometimes stories can be a way to go, with you reading to them, but make the story interesting and something they want to listen to

Babies – this is a little more difficult they do not like travelling either. They have been taken out of their comfort zone into a different and strange area, with different smells and sounds.

Babies and small children will require something to suck on when the plane is going up and when the plane is coming down.  The pressure in their ears is difficult for them to understand and it hurts.

By giving the children and babies something to suck it will release the pressure of their ears, and will not make the trip more difficult for them.

They have to be kept busy as well, there is nothing worse than a baby or child screaming, from the parents becoming too agitated with the child.  Remember you have trouble sitting still for the length of time you are in the plane, train, bus or whatever and so do they.

Parents should prepare themselves for children going on planes, trains buses, cars etc – they need to pack their favourite toy, they need to pack the cuddly, they need to have games and snacks for the child – even offer them treats,.

Remember the more comfortable you are the more comfortable the child is – the more comfortable, the rest of the passengers are as they do not have to deal with a screaming child.

Make the travel easier, make it enjoyable and make it an adventure.

Children only become fractious when they are bored, uncertain, unsure and sense when you do not feel comfortable.  They take their vibes from you the parent, grandparent, etc.

Keep them entertained, keep their minds busy, keep their fingers busy and their jaws working.

Older children will also require entertainment movies, games books, food and drink – always easier with food and drink.  They forget where they are and sit back and enjoy the game or the movie because they are munching.

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