What a suburb, close to Sydney 10 mins from the centre.

Newtown is bordering on Sydney University. This inner Sydney suburb is full of cafes restaurants, craft breweries, small bars and great eateries.

A very happening suburb that has a great music scene and even though it buzzes all week, Saturday night is the best night, all the cafes, restaurants, bars etc are all lit up and pulsating with energy.

The suburb has lots of renovated cottages and new buildings, intertwined with each other.

The Enmore Theatre opened in 1910, was an open air cinema, The Enmore was extensively renovated in 1920 adding the palladium style facade that we see today, with to many acts from music, comedy and plays. It is the longest running live music venue in NSW that is still operating

The King Street Theatre which is located in Erskinville. This is a heritage listed site and includes 100 sear theatre original. It has many varied performances. Check the Web site for performances

The Sydney Theatre Company is also situated in the South End of King Street, and has plays, schools recitals, comedy etc.

The shopping is great being a shoppers delight with many designers having their salons there, antique stores and classic designer fashion stores.

The restaurants in Newtown Stanmore and Erskinville which are all part of the Newtown precinct are written up in the Good Good Guide with descriptions of the cuisines they offer.

King street is the central thoroughfare through Newtown the street is divided into 2 sections North and South King Street It is notable with the Victorian and Edwardian commercial buildings

North King Street runs from Sydney University to Newtown railway station and this houses Bookshops, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Fashion Houses and a very cosmopolitan area, with a bustling assortment of different nationalities.

South King Street is slightly less busy with Antique Shops, Cafes and quirky businesses

The southern end of King Street is called skoki short for South King Street and is a popular shopping strip with the All Button Great and Small Shop.

The south end of King Street is often referred to as the Paris end of King Street.
Newtown houses, the Newtown School of Performing Arts which has a high reputation around the world.

Schools are good in this area being both academic and arty, with playgrounds for children to play in and many and varied sports and entertainments for the children to get into.
There are gyms, sports fitness centres, the Newtown Jets (Rugby League) Union Rugby with Sydney University one of the top Shute Shield teams and many other sports to be enjoyed in and around the area.

Transport is train or bus

All in all this is a happening place which is bustling, close to the city good for families, couples and singles. Good area to meet people in and make friends
Good transport.

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