How to Pack a Suitcase – Travel Tips

How to Pack a Suitcase – Travel Tips

To roll or fold that is the question…….

On a recent trip with friends we got on the topic of what is the best way to pack a suitcase for a holiday or business… actually it turned into a very heated discussion.  I soon realised that asking the question of what is the best way to pack a suitcase is just as a taboo topic as religion and politics with each person having a firm belief that they had the best system for packing a suitcase.

I honestly have never really thought of it until then. As a folder from way back, my grandmother once try to convert me to be a roller like her and even the empting of my packed suitcase on the floor and being told to repack it still hasn’t changed me. I travel quite a fair bit and I find the folding way the easiest as I fold the clothes into piles prior to packing to make sure I have everything then I just put the piles in the suitcase. Im not too worried about wrinkles and creases as all the items that would be creased I iron before I wear anyway so no big drama, and I tend to unpack my case well at least half do it when I arrive so all the thing that need to be hanging up are doing so.


Many of my friends swear by the rolling method, I get that you can pack more in as I tend to do this when I come home as I somehow always have far more luggage then when I left (so thankful for the expandable suitcases so you can cram more in).

I hear the merits in the rolling method that you can line up the clothes like a filing cabinet so it is easy to find things rather than taking everything out just to find that one top which is always on the bottom of the case.

I see the logic in it, but I never really think too much about the packing as it tends to always be in a rush with the taxi beeping outside.


On doing some research for this blog I have come to the conclusion that each method has both merits and problems. If you don’t mind creases then rolling and space saving bags seem to the way to go. I do always worry about the space saving bags for anything other than ski gear and bulky gear as I would never be able to repack the bags unless I had a vacuum to suck out the air. This method certainly gives you more space, while the folding method doesn’t give you a lot of space, but on the other hand there are not many creases. Maybe a mixture of them all is the way to go, but that still doesn’t help the packing at the end of the trip when you have bought too much and no matter which way you pack it just wont cram in to your luggage.

What are your thoughts??


luggage stuffing

luggage stuffing

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