Football season has returned

Football season has returned

Football season has returned!

Australia has been experiencing a very late end to Summer and the fresh winds of Autumn has been forgotten, but football season has started anyway.

In Australia we call football most games where you use your foot and a ball. Depending on the state depends on the code that is called football.

Football in the rest of the world is what we here call Soccer.

In Queensland and New South Wales Football is referred to as Rugby League, and in Victoria and South Australia it is Australian Rules Football or AFL.

Rugby Union is popular in New South Wales, but no where near as popular as Rugby League.

Soccer is played in each of the states and has a huge following, especially the Newest team the Western Sydney Wanderers, who wear red and Black and are very passionate about their team and very vocal at the games which is good to see.

In Victoria it is joked that sport is the religion that the all support, and having been in Melbourne on a Saturday when 2 Melbourne teams are playing at the MCG the city is like a ghost town with everyone either at the game or watching from their homes or pubs.

It is just the start of the seasons, but already the rivalry between the codes and the teams are heating up.
As the weather cools, it is better the play in but not so much for the spectators watching the games.

Now is the perfect time to make a trip to Sydney to see your favourite teams in action while the weather is still nice and warm.



Rugby Union



Rugby League

Rubgy League


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