Cleaning tips – Bathroom Grout

Cleaning tips – Bathroom Grout

Bathroom cleaning

Bicarbonate Soda great for cleaning bathroom grout

If in a long term rental agreement, it is usually part of the lease to keep the grout clean and free from stains.

Here is a helpful way to clean the grout.

The grout around your bathroom tiles, tub and sink is made up of a mixture of water, sand and cement. It is generally white in color and rock hard in consistency and helps keep the tiles in place and water from seeping through to the floor beneath. Follow the tips below to learn how to clean bathroom grout.

Material Required

To clean bathroom grout, have a sponge, mixing bowl, baking soda, toothbrush, rubber gloves, face mask and water. Keep all these materials handy before you start cleaning your bathroom.

Step 1. Make Sure Your Bathroom is Well Ventilated

Open the door and windows of your bathroom to ensure there is plenty of ventilation. Switch on the exhaust fan as well so the bathroom dries more quickly once the grout is cleaned.

Step 2. Protect Yourself Before You Start Cleaning

After you put on your rubber gloves and face mask, use the sponge to clean all grout covered areas of your bathroom.

Step 3. Make a Cleansing Paste and Start Cleaning

Mix Bicarbonate Soda and water in the bowl to obtain a thick paste. Dip a toothbrush in this paste and apply the paste directly on the grout. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes and then scrub the paste covered area with the toothbrush to remove all stains and clean the grout.

Step 4. Rinse

Rinse the scrubbed area thoroughly with warm water.

It’s best to avoid the use of harsh chemicals to clean bathroom grout as these can break the grout and damage your bathroom. In addition, such products can endanger your health and be harmful to the environment as well.


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