Chatswood Furnished Rentals

Chatswood Furnished Rentals

Chatswood a great location for a furnished rental

Chatswood a great location for a furnished rental

Chatswood is an emerging suburb with the expansion of both the concourse and the Westfield shopping complex it is a major hub for transport and is quickly becoming a hot suburb for both Furnished Rentals, Corporate Rentals and Holiday Rentals.

With its proximity to the CBD, North Sydney and Ryde Business Centre it is the number one suburb choice for corporates and Holiday makers when looking for accommodation.

Located 10 kilometers north of the City. it is facilitated by Trains, buses, express busses and has numerous freeways making it an easy destination to not only get to but also travel to other suburbs, by both public transport and by car.

Chatswood has had a far amount of building happen in the past few years, and huge high rise apartment blocks have been built and with it an influx of people both visiting the suburb and making it their home.

Due to the sudden influx the suburb has under gone a wide rage of changes and the local council has seen this and embraced the increasing population, and have expanded the services accordingly. The Westfield shopping complex has just undergone a huge renovation, adding in more shopping areas, an asian street market, more food courts and restaurants.

The neighbouring Chatswood Chase also has undergone a recent renovation, almost doubling the size of the shopping complex, and adding in a plethora of new and exciting designer shops, food stalls and the like.

Local parks are scattered throughout the suburb, thus making it a great location for families and the like. Top chefs and hot eateries are constantly popping up making the suburb more attractive to everyone as you don’t need to travel into the City to get a great meal, just down the road.

With the infrastructure, and the access to the City and the business hubs, Chatswood is a perfect location for anyone looking to move to Sydney, temporary move to Sydney or just looking for a holiday spot for a break. It is also a great investment for property investors, looking for an adobe, with all the features of the centre of the city, but with out the price tag of the inner city prices.

Why not look at Chatswood to expand your property portfolio, or even if you are visiting the city of Sydney it is a great location for your home-like experience.





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