Does size really matter?


In a word, yes! Particularly when considering an investment property with a view to renting it out as an executive rental. We’ve all heard the adage that a studio or … more »

What is furnished accommodation?


Accommodation can be split into 2 categories, furnished and unfurnished.

Unfurnished is the traditional house or apartment which you lease for a longer period and you supply everything. Furnished accommodation is … more »

TIPS FOR INVESTORS – Think like a tenant.


Tip 1 Think like the tenant

This is the key to a good residential investment property.
The first thing you need to work out is ‘what type of tenant do I want?’

Where … more »

TIPS FOR INVESTORS – Property Investment


Over the next couple of blogs we will write about some tips to look for and bear in mind when investing in property.

Property investment is still regarded asĀ one of the … more »

Chatswood Concourse – Cultural Hub of Sydney’s North Shore



Located about 10 kilometers north of the CBD of Sydney, Chatswood has a large train interchange and Bus interchange, servicing the North Shore and the Lower North Shore.

Since rebuilding the … more »


Holiday Accommodation

Are you a home owner and are thinking of going away for the summer holidays?

Thought of Executive Rentals, or Holiday Rentals.

Earn some Extra Cash whilst away.

Awaba Properties & Homes … more »